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Frictions and Failures - Cultural Encounters in Crisis

Scotin, During the reception of the bride at Dresden Palace on 2 September 1719 - KK-Ca-202-BI-66-BW01

21-23 April 2016, Warsaw

UPDATE: This event has already happened. Click here to read the Conference Report.

Aims: The focus here will be on points of conflict arising from the queen consort’s presence in her new court. These may be religious (consorts were often of a different faith to that of their husband and new country); personal (rivalries with mistresses or favourites); diplomatic; or political.

Elucidating what these frictions tell us a) about the specific context in which they occur; and b) about the problems, limitations and challenges of cultural transfer more broadly, will be a central part of this workshop. This workshop will also consider (in a broader sense) whether ‘success’ and ‘failure’ are adequate and helpful terms in assessing the impact of Queens consort.

This workshop will be tied to two other events:

  • an exhibition on queens consort to be held in Poland
  • an educational event with local schools
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Workshop Programme

Thursday 21st April 2016

14.00Visit to Wilanów Palace

Opening of the exhibition
Royal marriages of princes and princesses in Poland and Lithuania, c. 1500-1800

Concert - Dietrich von dem Werder, Songs
Maria Skiba, Wolfenbüttel (soprano)
Frank Pschichholz, Berlin/Leipzig (chitarra spagnuola)

Friday 22nd April 2016

9.00Frictions and Failures
Chiara Franceschini (London/New York) - Le due parti della corte. Female courts, projects and failures in and outside Italy, c. 1450-1650

Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly (Oxford) - Dealing with ‘the Other Woman’: the consort and her mother-in-law


Grethe Jacobsen (Copenhagen) - A room and a life of her own: Queen Christine (1461-1521) of Denmark during the last decade of her marriage (1503-1513)

Orsolya Réthelyi (Budapest) - muess hindurch Maister oder knecht zu werden! Mary of Hungary (1505-1558) and the reinvention of the queen’s court in late medieval Buda
13.00Visit to the Royal Castle in Warsaw

Coffee with sandwiches
15.30Queens of Sweden
Svante Norrhem (Lund) - Ideological friction and political crisis: Queen Luise Ulrike of Sweden and a failed coup d’état

Elise Dermineur (Uppsala/Umeå) - Pride and prejudice: Luise Ulrike of Sweden, the Pomeranian War and the question of loyalty

Malin Grundberg (Stockholm) - ‘Equal representation of men and women’. The new permanent exhibition of the Royal Armoury in Stockholm
19.00Conference Dinner at Ujazdów Castle

Saturday 23rd April 2016

9.00Polish Queens and Princesses
Robert Frost (Aberdeen) - Marrying out: the queenship problem in the Polish-Lithuanian Union from Jadwiga to Marie Louise Gonzague de Nevers

Ewa Kociszewska (Oxford) - Woman with a past: adventures, reputation, and penitence of Marie Louise Gonzague de Nevers, Queen of Poland


Maria Skiba (Wolfenbüttel) - La Principessa è molto compita. Anna Catharina Constantia Vasa and failed dynastic networking

Aneta Markuszewska (Warszawa) - ‘And all this because of the weakness of your sex.’ Marital vicissitudes of Maria Klementyna Sobieska Stuart, wife of the Old Pretender to the English throne

Lunch buffet
14.00East West Frictions?
Giedrė Mickūnaitė (Vilnius/Oxford) - United by blood, divided by faith: Helena of Muscovy and Alexander Jagiellon

Miia Ijäs (Tampere) - Catherine Jagiellon (1526-1583) and the keys to new diplomacy


Jill Bepler (Wolfenbüttel) - Marriage markets and risk assessment: the lure of the Russian Empire at the turn of the Eighteenth Century

Leslie Peirce (New York) - Hurrem Sultan - Polish captive, Ottoman queen

Closing session
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