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Parliamentary stamp from Luise Ulrike's attempted coup
Although it initially appears to be a rather mundane object, this stamp of the King’s signature tells a fascinating and important story about the nature of political power in Sweden during the mid-eighteenth century. That story tells us much about how little power Queens Consort could wield, and how the delicate balance of the foreign and domestic poles which constituted their identity could disturb the status quo of politics.
Leaflet from the marriage of Charles II of England and Catherine of Braganza
This single-sheet broadside, dating from 1662, was part of the extensive multi-media publicity concerning the marriage of Charles II of England to the Portuguese Infanta, Catherine of Braganza. Forming the frontispiece to an English translation of Pierre de Cardonnel’s Complementum Fortunatarum Insularum (1662), this was a foldout image which could be removed from the text and may have been plastered on the walls of households and public space to celebrate the marriage.


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