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HERA Status Workshop

HERA Status Workshop

HERA Status Workshop at the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (6th April 2016)

Our project partner Professor Susanne Rode-Breymann (Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media) and our doctoral student Maria Skiba took part in a one-day HERA workshop organized by the Ministry and the DLR (Project Management Agency) in Berlin.

The German participants in the HERA Cultural Encounters programme had an opportunity to give brief presentations on their projects and to discuss with experts the wider implications of the HERA programme for the humanities and for knowledge transfer. Jill Bepler prepared the documentation for the presentation but was giving a paper at a Wolfenbüttel conference on the same day.

Maria and Professor Rode-Breymann reported that there were stimulating questions and discussions, both on our project itself and on general issues of funding the humanities and in particular of promoting young researchers.

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