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Trostlieder - Songs of Consolation

Maria Skiba

At the opening in Warsaw of the exhibition Royal marriages of princes and princesses in Poland and Lithuania, c. 1500-1800 and the international workshop ‘Frictions and Failures’ the ensemble The Schoole of Night (Maria Skiba - soprano, Frank Pschichholz - chitarra spagnuola) will perform a selection of songs from Dietrich von dem Werder’s Vier und zwanzig Freuden-reiche Trost-Lieder/ Oder Trost-reiche Freuden-Gesänge…, Leipzig 1653. It is a collection of songs for voice and basso continuo dedicated to Elisabeth Charlotte of Brandenburg (1597-1660) and according to von dem Werder the songs should be accompanied by a ‘stimmlautendes Seitenspiel/als irgend in ein Clavicordium/ Laute/Theorbe/Gitara/oder dergleichen heimliches Instrument…’ (a string [plucked] instrument fitting to the voice such as clavicord, lute, theorbo, guitar or any other such ‘homely’ instrument).

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